How to Invest in Stocks Using a BPI Trade Account

 The Philippine economy is unquestionably heading towards stellar growth. Filipinos everywhere are feeling hopeful that there is a brighter future ahead for all of us.  Among other possible options, the stock market is, more and more, becoming a viable investment vehicle for everyone. So that you may also take part in the Philippines’ economic growth, for your convenience, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to invest in the stock market using a BPI Trade Account (which we  use, and which we recommend to everyone for sheer user-friendliness).

BPI Trade is the online stock trading platform of BPI Securities Corporation. You can buy and sell stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) via this online portal. It is only available for people with existing BPI or BPI Family Bank accounts.

1. Click on the following link to initiate your online application: https://www.bpitrade.com/application/Application_OpenAccount_Instruction.asp. Go over the Terms and Conditions, then click on the tab marked “I Agree”.


2. Fill out the Online Application form, then print.


3. Bring your Application, at least two government issued IDs (driver’s license, SSS, passport, etc.), and photocopies of IDs to your nearest BPI or BPI Family Bank branch.

4. An appropriate BPI representative will give you further instructions on how to fund your BPI Trade account. Funding the account generally involves transferring online from your existing BPI or BPI Family savings account the amount you want to invest to your BPI Trade account. 

5. Once your BPI Trade account is funded, log-in at https://www.bpitrade.com/ to start investing in stocks.

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