Seven Tips To Help You Pass The UPCAT, ACET Or Any College Entrance Exam

Seven Tips To Help You Ace The UPCAT, ACET, Or Any College Entrance Exam

It’s college admission season once again! For those dreaming of going to U.P., Ateneo or any of the top colleges in the Philippines, here are seven tips to help you ace the UPCAT, ACET, or any college entrance exam thrown your way.

Review months before the test. Nothing beats early and focused preparation. Find a nearby review center that offers a longer review period (preferably months) but with shorter classes during the day. (Most students cannot go a whole day of intensive review. The brain can only soak up so much in one go). A longer review allows students to absorb lessons and connect concepts and formulas better.

Create a “cheat” sheet. Make a list of formulas that you always forget, English grammar concepts that you always trip on, and science concepts that are always asked in simulated tests. This will help calm you down and boost your confidence before any big exam. Just don’t use it during the exam itself!

Prepare your war chest days in advance.  This will include, at the least,  your test permit, recommended pencils, erasers with a sharp edge (so it will not break under stress), energy-rich food (biscuits, chocolates, a bottle of energy drink), enough drinking water, and pain relief medicine.

Remind yourself why you want to pass. It can be for something as deep as honoring your parents, or as superficial as showing that annoying classmate (that has a higher rank in class) that he isn’t better that everyone else. Those motivations will remind you why you are working so hard.

Prepare a list of positive and uplifting songs to motivate you. No one-size fits all approach here. Whatever music floats your boat.

Do not listen to negative people telling you what you can and cannot do. You control your future. They have no say on the matter.

Remember that you don’t have to know everything. No one knows everything. Stay calm. Pray.

This is a guest post from Mark Canlas. Mark has almost ten years of experience as an economist and has worked with the National Economic Development Authority and the Senate of the Philippines. He is currently the economic attaché of the British Embassy of the Philippines.

He also owns a  chain of  UPCAT and college review centers and is a popular lecturer.