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Buy A Custom Made Suit In Quezon City’s Kamuning Market For Under P8K

Here’s a bit of inside information for those not yet in the know: most of Metro Manila’s best tailors can be found in Kamuning Market in Quezon City. Politicians (including former President Joseph Estrada), wealthy businessmen, young professionals, even local designers outsourcing some of their work, employ this place’s well-trained artisans when in need of a quality made, reasonably priced suit. In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about having a suit made in Kamuning Market.

Rosditt Merchandising

We go here for our fabric needs.

A suit will roughly cost you less than P8k. A set will include a jacket, a pair of pants, and a long sleeved button down shirt. Costs include fabric sourced within the market itself and labor. Tailors do not usually sell fabric although they can definitely point you to a trusted source if you need one. Ask a friend to recommend tailors and fabric suppliers for you. We’re especially fond of Julynneth Tailoring (for tailors) and Rosditt Merchandising (for our fabric needs).


Have a clear idea what you want or need.

You need to have a clear idea of what you want. The tailors of Kamuning Market are craftsmen, not designers. They can create the ideal suit for you, but you need to tell them exactly what you need. Otherwise, your options will be limited to their interpretation of classic, semi-slim, and slim suits. We suggest bringing pictures of suit designs you want copied. When picking fabrics, choose those made of pure wool (for the suit) and pure cotton (for the shirt), not polyblends.

It’s still a market, so manage your expectations.  There’s a reason this place can churn out reasonably priced suits, and that’s because they have cheap overhead. Don’t expect a Bergamo or Ascot Chang service experience here. You’re paying for a great suit, not a fabulous ambience or air-conditioned facilities.

It’s fairly easy to get here. Here’s a map for you. If the traffic’s light, it’s about an hour from Makati.

barong tagalog

Kamuning tailors also make great barongs.

Bonus: They also make great barongs. For office wear, buy linen fabric, not polyblends, for a more professional look (although polyblends require less care and maintenance). For more formal affairs, there are several fabrics currently in style. We suggest you go to the barong fabric specialty store a couple of stalls away from Rosditt Merchandising. They have a wealth of options worth looking into.

Same deal, know what you want. We’re fond of slightly form-fitting, long sleeved barongs (they refer to the look as a semi-slim cut) with the hem only a couple of inches below your hip.

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    Buy custom made suit is not so easy because there are many online custom tailor shop that provide excellent quality in fewer packages. So, you have to need to ask your friends, family members and check out the customer reviews and feedback also about that industry or Shop.

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