Five Upscale Restaurants In Greenbelt You Should Try

Makati’s Greenbelt Shopping Center can be a little pricey, that’s true, but if you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, the selection of restaurants here can’t be beat. For those willing to shell out top dollar for exquisite cuisine, we’re giving you five upscale restaurants in Greenbelt you should try.

1.  Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

It’s a modern and upscale local version of the classic American diner. They specialize in American cuisine (try the Pot Roast), although we love, love, love the Garlic Beef Tapa Overload.

2. Felix



Felix’s cuisine is hard to classify since it tries to be everything to everyone. The menu is kilometric, and the choices range from modern Asian cuisine to French-inspired. Order the GenSan (spicy tuna and garden salad) for appetizers. For the main course, the award-winning Feliciano (adobo with kesong puti) and Dyesebel (John Dory stuffed with shrimp) will not disappoint.

3. Myron’s Place

Myron's Place

Myron’s Place

Known for excellent steaks, we suggest ordering the President (500g of US Certified Angus Beef Ribeye) and a salad to split with a friend. For over the top extravagance, order a side of steak rice and a sliver of foie gras.

4. Lusso



Lusso made a name for itself for its Foie Gras burger, but the Luxe Macaroni and Cheese is a crowd favorite. Have some of the excellent Pecan Tart for dessert. Yum.

5. Kabila



This restaurant is at the forefront of Modern Filipino Cuisine. Try the U.S. Beef Adobo (marinated beef simmered in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic) and a Pot of Pinakbet (mixed vegetables in shrimp sauce) with an order of Jasmine Rice. Heaven.

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