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Five Fantastic Personal Finance Blogs You Should Read

Getting Filipinos to start saving and investing their money for their future is a personal advocacy for us here in The Manila Survival Guide. It’s a little frustrating to see our kababayans, again and again, fall into the trap/cycle of needless spending and inevitable poverty simply because they’re not financially aware, let alone financially literate. To help us help you in our advocacy, we’re giving you five personal finance blogs you should definitely read  to kickstart your journey towards financial independence.

1. Get Rich Slowly (Personal Finance that Makes Cents)

Get Rich Slowly (Personal Finance That Makes Cents)

Down to earth and practical.

Very readable, down-to-earth and practical, this blog is a must-read for all newbie investors. From creating a budget to retirement, Get Rich Slowly is a virtual one-stop shop for all things personal finance. Their “Why Should I Invest?” and “When Should I Start Investing?” articles summarize quite neatly why it is essential for you to start planning for your retirement today.

2. Joshua Kennon (Thoughts on Business, Politics & Life from a Private Investor)

Joshua Kennon (Thoughts on Business, Politics & Life from a Private Investor)

Simplifies difficult financial concepts.

Joshua Kennon‘s personal blog are for those investors who have already accumulated some amount of knowledge on personal finance and investing, and are searching for more advanced material. Joshua’s ability to simplify difficult concepts, such as the psychology of building wealth and the pitfalls of real estate investment ownership, is a gift not shared by a majority of finance writers out there. His study of foreign stocks, though not completely applicable in the Philippines, are also useful lessons on how to apply the value-investing philosophy.

For starters, we suggest you read up on his personal prescription for making money and getting rich.

3. Punch Debt in the Face

Punch Debt in the Face

Combines humor (and cartoons!) with personal finance know-how.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more fun, Punch Debt in the Face might be the blog for you. It combines cartoons, a great deal of humor, and personal stories about investing and finance. His articles on paying for things we don’t use and lifestyle inflation will strike a chord with most readers (and tickle their funny bone).

4. Frugal Honey

Frugal Honey

Honest and personal.

For something a little bit more local, try Frugal Honey. Her blog posts (usually very short) swing from being very honest and personal, to being very informative and useful.

5. Ready to be Rich

Ready to be Rich

The most popular local personal finance blog today.

Run by Fitz Villafuerte, and quite possibly the most popular local personal finance blog today, Ready to be Rich is a smorgasbord of useful information on personal finance, written by a Filipino for Filipinos. For starters, check out Fitz’s secret to becoming wealthy, and the behavioral warning signs you have to watch out for so you don’t end up broke when you retire.


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