Our Top Three Favorite Filipino Humor Blogs

Filipinos pride themselves on their sense of humor, especially at times when humor seems inappropriate (or very appropriate, depending on whom you talk to), which is why we find it odd that we have so few notable humor bloggers. Even worse, some of those who’ve started the genre locally now rarely update their blogs (Noisy, Noisy Man) or have stopped posting altogether (Misterhubs, with the special participation of Mystica).

In any case, there are still a few bright spots out there, and in this article, we’re giving you our top three favorite humor bloggers, and why you need to read them.

1. The Professional Heckler

Professional Heckler

Effortlessly combines politics and humor.

Easily the most popular and influential local humor blogger, The Professional Heckler effortlessly combines politics and comedy to come up with riotously funny posts. His approach is distinctly Filipino with his liberal use of puns, put-downs and aggressive humor. He’s been on a roll lately, with his posts on Janet Lim Napoles and the political (non) comedic trio of Sexy/Taba, Tanda and Pogi especially hitting their comedic mark.

2. Fab after Forty

Fab after Forty

Earnest and uplifting.

Earnest and uplifting (a rarity for humor blogs), Fab after Forty is run by Chinie Hidalgo Diaz where she talks about her life through an entertaining mix of comics and whip-smart comedy. Chinie’s posts are always cute and funny, but she’s at her best when her anecdotes touch on scenarios most people would rarely find humorous, like cancer or grief.

3. The Soshal Network

The Soshal Network

Short commentaries on random inanities.

Owned by a trio of smart, funny and independent women, The Soshal Network is a series of short commentaries on the inanities of life, with the commentators writing like charming palengkeras adept in swardspeak (baklush in short) who are not afraid of poking fun at themselves. You won’t find the meaning of life in this blog, but you will find a reason or two to laugh out loud.

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  1. Ade

    Thanks for the mention! Yeah, my blog hasn’t been updated much (and isn’t really that funny) nowadays, but I’m trying to bring back the good old days.

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