Chicken Adobo

Restaurant Recommendations in Quezon City’s Tomas Morato Area

The number of restaurants in Quezon City’s Tomas Morato area is mind-numbingly huge, and the idea of picking one for lunch or dinner out of the dizzying array of options can be daunting (especially if you’re the type who easily gets paralyzed when faced with too many choices). In this article, for your convenience, we’ve listed down four restaurants which we personally believe are notable for serving interesting and flavorful dishes at reasonable prices.

1. Lola Cafe + Bar

Lola Cafe + Bar

Well-executed dishes served in a homey and unpretentious environment.

The menu is a mix of Filipino and continental cuisine, with dishes executed exceptionally well. Much like Romulo’s, Lola Bar and Cafe is a re-purposed home transformed into a restaurant, which creates a homey and unpretentious ambiance.

For appetizers, try the Gambas and Chorizo (don’t be fooled by the fiery red color, it’s only mildly spicy).  The Chicken Adobo with Balsamic Vinegar (a slightly sweeter version of the local adobo, served with roasted tomatoes), the Pork Laing, and the Spicy Tinapa Pasta are also highly recommended.

Parking is very difficult, and the house is always full, so reservations are a must.

Lola Bar and Cafe is located along Scout Lozano, Quezon City. Call‎ 501-2620 or 0917-817-6045 for reservations and inquiries.

2. Cucina ni Bunso

Cucina ni Bunso

Excellent Filipino comfort food at reasonable prices.

Cucina ni Bunso offers some of the best Filipino comfort food in the Tomas Morato area, and, combined with the reasonable price points of the individual dishes, makes this hole-in-the-wall a must-try. Our favorite dishes include the Beef Bulalo, the Pinakbet with Lechon Kawali, and the wonderfully fragrant and flavorful Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Apples.

Cucina ni Bunso is located at 117 B Scout Lozano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City. Call 414-3151 for reservations and inquiries.

3. H Cuisine

H Cuisine

Try the remarkable Angus Beef Belly.

Seriously, go to H Cuisine to try the most remarkable (and cheap!) Angus Beef Belly. Soft and tender with a charred finish, and served with homemade gravy, this dish is perfect with a side of mashed potatoes or a heaping serving of rice.  I’m sure they offer other great dishes as well, but we really just come to this restaurant for the beef belly. Once you’ve tried it, you kind of forget everything else.

H Cuisine is located at 64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City. Call 413-0347 for reservations and inquiries.

4. Everyday Mom

Everyday Mom

The best cupcakes in town.

Everyday Mom, for me, quite possibly sells the best cupcakes we’ve ever tasted. Most of the cupcakes sold in Metro Manila are too sweet (to put it mildly, I may as well just spoon a bowl of sugar into my mouth), which is not the case for Everyday Mom. The cupcakes are also airy enough that they actually taste like cakes, which is very different from the muffin-like confections you find everywhere else. The fact that the goodies are butter-free, made with coco sugar, unbleached flour and all-natural ingredients, and worth Php40 per piece, only makes their treats that much sweeter.

There aren’t a lot of flavor options though, which is a shame. Still, the Carrot Cake, Cafe Mocha, and Black & White cupcakes are delicious.

Everyday Mom is located at Scout Tuason, Quezon City. For inquiries, call 710-1254.