Baby Apps

Smart Apps for Parents with Newborn Babies

It’s hard enough to be a parent as it is, so do yourself a favor and download the following apps to help you manage your new life with your newborn baby.

1. Baby Connect

Baby Milestones

Keep track of your babies’ milestones. Photo taken here.

This one’s for those who might be a little obsessive with data (if you love graphs, you’ll love this app). Baby Connect helps you keep track of your baby’s activities and needs with minimal taps on your phone, and will produce a graphical illustration of daily information about your child (such as frequency of diaper changes, solid food or milk feeding, and sleep) for your quick reference. The idea is that it can help you respond more quickly and efficiently to their changing needs.

2. Baby Pack & Go / Baby Travel

Baby Travel

Traveling with babies can be a difficult experience. Photo taken here.

No doubt you’ll be having a lot of sleepless nights, so to make sure you never forget your baby’s essentials and must-haves while traveling, download Baby Pack & Go and Baby Travel. This app allows parents access to “pack lists” ranging from strolls in the park or quick grocery trips to out-of-town family vacations. You can customize each list in advance too, so you can be all set for future travels.

3. Guys’ Guide to the Delivery Room

Clueless dad

Ditch the clueless dad cliche and study up. Photo taken here.

Just in case the daddy-to-be forgets that he also has a role to play in the delivery of your baby, download this app for him. It’s a complete guide to everything a dad-to-be needs to know, such as the stages of labor, what to expect during the pregnancy, what happens when you arrive at the hospital, providing comfort measures for the mother, and more. Simply put, the guide allows dads-to-be to learn more about the birthing experience and hopefully be more participative. 

4. Baby Sign and Learn

Baby sign language

Communicate better with your baby with baby sign language. Photo taken here.

This one’s interesting, and may not be for everyone. The Baby Sign and Learn helps you teach your baby how to use sign language as a better way of communicating with him or her. Does it work? Well, there are several who swear by it, and if you want to give it try, this is a good first step.

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