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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Proud To Work In the Call Center Industry

Let’s be honest for a second: for a lot of Filipinos, working in the call center industry carries a bit of stigma, mostly because of these silly ingrained ideas we keep on what “good” jobs are (as opposed to a “bad” one I guess). In fact, a lot of people would say that people become call center agents because they “sold out” (whatever that means) or because they’re “not good enough” to find work in another industry. Let me just say those are stupid misconceptions, and it would be fair to assume that working in this industry is pretty much like working in any other industry, except you take a lot more calls. In any case, in this article, we’re giving you five reasons why you should be proud of working in the Philippines’ booming call center industry and why you shouldn’t listen to the haters.

1. You know how to be patient with difficult people.

Dealing with stupid people

And by “difficult”, I mean “stupid”. Here’s a fun fact: call center agents deal with a lot of stupid people asking a lot of silly questions. Here’s another fun fact: they have to deal with such stupidity while maintaining a courteous and respectful tone. Not everyone can do that. That’s a real skill.

2. You’re part of nation building.

Nation building

The BPO industry is one of the primary economic drivers in the Philippines. In fact, the Philippines has become the world’s leading call center destination, with industry experts estimating that the Philippines will hit revenues of up to $25 billion by 2016.

You’re part of that industry.

Soak that fact in. You are part of the industry that helped boost the Philippine economy to the highs it is currently enjoying right now. So don’t listen to the haters. Whatever anyone says, a call center agent, just by doing his or her job well, is helping the country in nation-building and in creating a better future for all Filipinos.

3. You know how to communicate your ideas accurately and effectively.


Most people seem to think that call center agents just read from a prepackaged set of cue cards that will cover all situations. Or that its all about perfecting that American or British accent (which, to be fair, is part of the job). But more than that, call center agents are trained to communicate their thoughts clearly, accurately and effectively, and across cultures. The importance of being able to communicate well cannot be emphasized enough, as summarized quite succinctly by this quote from life coach Anthony Robbins:

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

Don’t underestimate the power of communicating effectively. It will take you places.

4. You’re paid well, and you have great benefits.

salary and benefits

Well, most of you anyway. Fresh graduates are offered monthly salaries of upwards of Php15,000.00, while those with one to four years of experience have average earnings of Php33,691.00. Managers, on the other hand, earn about Php57,688.00 per month. These do not include the usual medical, dental and other benefits BPO companies offer to their employees as a matter of course. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other work offering salaries and benefits that good.

5. It’s honest work, and people should be proud of doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage.

BPO companies

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is honest and respectful. Some people will judge, and you just let them. They’re a small-minded bunch whose opinion shouldn’t have any bearing on your sense of self-worth.

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