McJim Dreams Get Real

Exciting New Artists Aim To Revitalize OPM

Fresh from winning the amateur talent contest “Dreams Get Real” (through a three-way first place tie), sponsored by McJim Classic Leather, three talented musical acts have just released new music videos as part of their bid to become the next big thing in OPM.

First up is a band called Fifth Dynamics, composed of members Mark Cordovales (vocals), John Peterson Leyva (rhythm guitar), Eljon Nono (lead guitar), Daryl Jay Santos (bass guitar) and Aldrin Condat (drums). Their song is entitled “Anyare”, an interesting rock ballad which explores the bittersweet emotions one experiences right before the end of a break up.

Fifth dynamics

Fifth dynamics.

The music video below has an interesting twist at the end (which we won’t ruin for you), and features Goldmon Aquino (of the popular boyband 1:43), and talented indie artists Mercedes Cabral (Thy Womb, Serbis) and Althea Vega (Metro Manila)  as part of the cast.

Next is a boyband called JBK, which are the initials of its members Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Ordonio. The song is “Anong Meron Ka”, which features a smooth and easy style reminiscent of popular 90’s boybands.



The music video below is classy and smooth, like the song, although it seems that the members need more confidence working the camera (their movements are  a little too awkward and self-conscious). But that comes with age and practice, and there’s no denying that their voices work excellently together.

Finally, we have Neo Domingo, a solo artist whose boy-next-door good looks reminds me of Rocco Nacino.

Neo Domingo

Neo Domingo.

He performs “Pagbigyan Mo Na”, which song and accompanying music video encapsulates old-school pop, and which is representative of this performer’s youth and energy.

The songs are part of an album released by McJim called “Dreams Get Real: The Compilation Album”, which also features songs from three other finalists. The songs are currently being played in major radio stations across the country.

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