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Six Exciting Movies To Watch In The 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival

After what can only be described as a frustrating, but expected, experience with the recent announcement of the movie line-up for the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival, it’s such a joy to watch the trailers for the featured movies in the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival.  In this article, I’m giving you six movies I’m particularly excited to watch.

1. 1st ko si 3rd

This movie turns the usual romantic comedy on its head by starring the affable, if getting on in years, comedic love team of Nova Villa and Freddie Webb. 1st ko si 3rd has the potential to be laugh-out-loud funny and heartwarming, and is top on my list of movies to watch. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

2. #Y

Deep, dark stuff, though the trailer is a bit too self-conscious for my taste. The Youtube description doesn’t help either: #Y “chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the internet, sex, drugs and alcohol, and the occasional party and bullshit”. I read that as “watch a bunch of young people get high, have sex, and ruin their lives.”

Still, this might be interesting to watch just to see if director Gino Santos can wrestle the movie’s lofty themes into a cohesive, coherent, and ultimately good show. Or we can watch a too self-aware train wreck. In any case, it ought to be fun.

3. Bwaya

Gorgeous trailer, although I don’t think it means anything. It didn’t stop my heart from trying to leap out of my chest though. Here’s the plot:

Divina is preparing for her daughter Rowena’s 13th birthday when she hears shocking news: her daughter has been attacked by a crocodile, her body still missing. As Divina searches for the body of her daughter in the marshlands of Agusan del Sur, she learns a lesson more tragic than her fate: not all predators are underwater.

If this trailer is any indication, the film’s cinematography is bound to be beautiful, and the director appears to know how to use atmosphere to chilling effect.

4.  K’na the Dreamweaver

Is this a fantasy film? Because it looks and sounds like one. Here’s the plot:

When K’na, a young T’boli woman, becomes a dreamweaver, she has the chance to weave together her village’s warring clans. But, will she give up true love to do so?

Also, gorgeous costumes and lighting.

5. The Janitor

An action film, in what appears to be the mold of On-the-Job (OTJ). If this movie manages half of the electrifying drama and thrilling atmosphere of OTJ, I’d deem it a success.

6. Kasal

As a contented gay man in a long-term relationship, I’ve always been frustrated with how the local indie film scene portrays relationships in the gay community. It would be interesting to see if Kasal breaks the mold, or consigns its gay characters once again into the one-note mopey, sad, pathetic caricatures we always see in these parts.

The 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival will run from August 1-August 10, 2014. Go here to see the screening schedules, and here to buy tickets.

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