The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge

How We Set Up Our Own Spa Business (The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge)

So we took the plunge and set-up a spa called The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge. It’s a little scary and a lot exciting, but we’ve been getting a lot of good feedback and, after all of the hard work, we’re very happy with the final result. In this article, we’ll be showing you exactly how we set up The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge  hoping that it might inspire more people to become entrepreneurs.

Initial Idea

It started when my sister told me that she found the perfect place to set up the showroom for her popular children’s accessories brand, Celestina & Co. The proposed location was along Capitol Drive in Quezon City, in the 2nd level of a fairly new building called Fairways Residences, which was right next to upscale subdivisions such as Ayala Hillside Estates and Ayala Heights, and popular country clubs Celebrity Sports Club and Capitol Golf Club.

The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge

Body Spa Treatment.

The problem was that the space was too big, and she needed to think of another business that she can use the location for. Incidentally, I’ve already been toying with the idea of setting up a spa business, inspired by a friend who has set up a successful one in Batangas and who was kind enough to offer me consulting services for free if I do decide to set up my own spa.

So I told my sister about my initial ideas and said that the location might be perfect for a spa. After mulling it over for a few days, my sister decided to go with my suggestion, and we buckled down to work.


The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge

Urban-retro interiors.

For the interiors of The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge, we’ve decided to split the design elements into three separate categories: an urban-retro design for the nail salon, a more traditional look for the massage rooms, and a straightforward (almost clinical), but safe and private, space for the waxing and body spa treatments.

We wanted to stay away from the usual Asian-inspired spa designs simply because it has already been done so many times before and we felt that it would be nice to infuse a fresh new look for our space.

The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge

Private rooms.

We’ve also mixed in a few industrial elements with feminine accents to make the space feel more androgynous, such as the gray brick wall and metal lamps with gray shutters and canvass throw pillows. The chevron pattern on the floor was a last-minute impulsive decision that worked out quite well, and gave a fun vibe to the whole area.

Product Development

Body Spa Treatments

Body Spa Treatments.

For the products, we spoke with an expert who specifically developed a line of spa products for us, which included hand, foot and body spa treatments, natural organic honey wax, and premium massage oils. We’ve tested all of these products thoroughly to see how they work and were pretty much impressed with the results.

We also understood that people tend to get paralyzed if given too many options, so we thoughtfully curated our line of services, keeping in mind specific skin and body problems people might want to address.

Pricing was also definitely an issue, so we tried to keep costs to a minimum to make sure that clients will get 5-star luxury service at very reasonable prices.

Here’s a summary of our services, or you can go here for more details.

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Hiring and Training Qualified Personnel

We set out to find the most qualified people to work for us, because we understood that a spa is practically worthless if it is not filled with competent staff. Notwithstanding the fact that most of the people we hired have already been trained by other spas before, we’ve also introduced a lot of training and orientation seminars to make sure that each individual employee continues to be the most qualified expert she can be.

In this case, we hired consultants to train them, and produced specific guidelines on how to treat clients while in the spa. We also conducted consultations so that we can all learn from each of our areas of expertise. The goal was to make each individual employee an ambassador of the spa, and to let them know that they have a say in how things should be done.

Small Details

The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge

Small details matter.

Then there were the final touches that can make or break the spa experience: calm and soothing music piped in all over the area, a unique vanilla-lavender-peppermint room scent specifically developed for us, an abundance of soft towels, a clean shower area, hot tea presented nicely, comfortable bathrobes, free high-speed wi-fi, etc.  We wanted to cover all our bases because we knew that these small things can mean a lot for each client, and we wanted to be meticulous. We remember our experiences with other spas, and these small details can be a real delight.

The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge is located at the 2nd Level of Fairways Residences, Capitol Drive, Quezon City (near Celebrity Sports Plaza and Capitol Golf Club). For reservations and inquiries, please call us at: (02) 364 6893, (+63) 929 848 4546, or (+63) 917 947 7955.


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