Getting a Boyzilian Wax

Confessions Of A Boyzilian Wax Virgin

This is a guest article from regular contributor M. Emmanuel Canlas.

I’ve gotten my legs waxed before. So, I pretty much know how the waxing session will go. But, as it was my first time getting a Boyzilian wax (otherwise known as a “Male Brazilian” or a “Brozilian” wax), it was totally nerve-wracking. It felt like I was getting circumcised again. At the back of my head, I asked myself, “Why did I say yes to this again?” Oh yeah, a dare — great.

The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge

The reception area of The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge.

The ladies of The Body Spa and Waxing Lounge directed me to a private room. I had a few minutes so I looked around and thought it definitely was much better than any other waxing place I’ve been to. I’ve been to two of the most popular waxing salons and, compared to those, this room (and the place in general) was the nicest by a mile. While most waxing salons are cramped and noisy, the  room that I got was about almost half the size of an average studio apartment, with the scent of lavender and fresh towels wafting in the air.

Someone knocked and said the session will start as soon as I’m comfortable and ready. I took a deep breath and said yes. Pants off. Boxers still on. I was such a nervous wreck that I asked if I needed to take off my underpants. She honestly did not need to answer that, but kudos to her obvious professionalism when she nodded yes without a hint of mockery.

Waxing tools

The tools of the waxing trade.

The mask she had on helped make me feel comfortable. As soon as the process started, I noticed she only used the sticks once and kept throwing them after a single use. I was later told that the masks were to avoid infections from coughing and the single dips were to make sure that the whole process remained hygienic. Which was great, since I’m not a fan of those balls of wax used by other places that tend to look like a furball after the first 5 minutes, which is kind of gross to be honest.

In 15 minutes, it was all clear up front. It didn’t sting much. If anything, my discomfort was more about baring in front of a stranger than the actual physical pain I experienced. She said the pain was minimized because the spa only use warm wax, meaning my pores were more open and hair can be pulled out much easier.

Another point: I love how the waxing technician stayed professional throughout the whole thing. She doesn’t talk unless I ask her questions, and she tries to keep the conversations low key so that the relaxing atmosphere of the spa is maintained.

Waxing technician

With my waxing technician Doreen.

Another six minutes and it was done. I Ieaned over, checked, and there it was – not a hair in sight. It looked very clean and the skin felt very smooth.  I chuckled with the thought that a Boyzillian meant you come in as a man and you leave looking like a boy – like age 8 or something.

She then applied powder to prevent that sticky feeling you get after any waxing process and an antiseptic and an anti-itch lotion to prevent infections and minimize ingrown hair.

Waxing lotions

Lotions to soothe away the pain.

What I liked most about the whole thing (except for how clean and fresh I felt) was how my waxing technician made every effort to make me feel comfortable. She approached it very professionally – just did what she was supposed to do, 21 minutes front and back. Her speed ensured there was as little pain or discomfort during the session as possible.

A week after the therapy, I realized that the single-dip policy and the warm wax did wonders in ensuring that there was no ingrown hair and infection in the waxed area. Hair is starting to grow back but it is significantly thinner than before. The after-care lotion that I got from the spa also helped in ensuring that the area is kept bacteria-free and hair grows back without any issues.

For someone who lost a dare to do a Boyzilian, I am actually pretty happy with the whole thing that I’m considering doing it regularly. It feels nice not feeling like George of the Jungle.

The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge is located at the 2nd level of Fairways Residences, Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City, Philippines. It is open every day from 1:00pm – 10:00pm. Call 0917-9477955; 0929-8484546; or, 364-6893 for inquiries and reservations.


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