Christmas Gift ideas

Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas For Just About Everyone in 2014

Christmas is fast coming up, and the idea of getting gifts for family and friends can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety. Grab just anything and you’ll likely spend money on something pointless the recipient would most likely throw away anyway; spend too much time looking for that perfect gift and you’ll just stress yourself out.  Our advice: take your time, and always go for something quirky and personal.

Here’s our list of Christmas gift ideas for 2014:

1. For the traveling techie: Pomgrey Travel Barrel

Pomgray Travel Barrel

The Pomgrey Travel Barrel is best for people who (a) love to travel, and (b) have a ton of gadgets. It is basically a dual USB wall charger and universal travel adaptor in one, crammed together in a device about as big as a small cup.  It can be used in over 150 countries and comes with a travel zip case.

Price: P1,450 only

Please contact 0917-549-1597 or 0918-429-6991for orders and inquiries.

2. For the natural beauty: Luxury Soaps from The Body Spa Naturals

The Body Spa Naturals

Beauty products are a dime a dozen, and most of them contain harmful chemicals that are harsh on your skin and which do more damage in the long run than good. That’s why it’s always better to go for products that primarily use natural ingredients which effectiveness has been proven by centuries of use.

The Body Spa Naturals‘ line of artisanal luxury soaps best exemplify this concept, and their soaps are a great addition for anyone looking to introduce natural skincare into their lives. The soaps come in six variants which, depending on your needs, deeply moisturizes and whitens skin, reduces the appearance of scars and cellulite, and detoxifies your body of clogged dirt and impurities. We’re particularly fond of the 7+ Illuminating Spa Bar (which is one of the most effective whitening soaps out there), Cleansing Milk Bar with Honey and Oats, and Detox Spa Bar with Activated Charcoal and Peppermint. Other variants include the Rejuvenating Bar with Rosehip Oil, Detox Cellulite with Seaweed and Coffee, and Invigorating Spa Bar with Sea Salt.

Price: P195 or P225, depending on the type of soap. A set of three costs P525 or P600.

Please contact 364-6893 (1pm-11pm, Monday to Sunday) for orders and inquiries. The Body Spa Naturals is exclusively available at The Body Spa & Waxing Lounge. Check out their Facebook page here.

3. For the metrosexual professional: Bags by Rubbertree

 Bags by Rubber tree

Indie bag brand Rubbertree sells some of the most beautiful leather bags in the market today. We’re especially fond of the overnight bag with rolled-up top (price available upon request), and the slouchy messenger bag (Php5,000) which folds a third of the way down when worn. Other goods include top-of-the-line pencil cases, cardholders, wallets and cellphone cases.

Their bags are structured to celebrate the material and establish clean silhouettes. Each one is numbered and signed, marking their personal attention to each piece.

Price: Depends on the item.

Please contact for orders and inquiries. You can visit their Facebook page here and their website here.

4. For the culture vulture: The CCP Gift Card

 CCP Gift Cards

Seriously, theater lovers will want to kiss you in the mouth after you give them a CCP Gift Card. They can use it to watch performances at the CCP, which include, among others, plays, ballets, and classical concerts.

Price: Php1,000 minimum.

Check out the CCP website here to learn more about the CCP Gift Card or upcoming shows.

5. For the little girl who wants to be a superhero: Apron Costumes from Celestina & Co.

Super girl

There are a lot of Disney princess costumes out there, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that there aren’t as many options for little girls who’d rather kick ass and be a superhero. Here’s where Celestina & Co. comes in, with their apron costumes largely inspired by Wonder Woman and Superwoman. Because, hey, why would a girl want to be saved anyway, when she can do the saving herself.

Price: Php 1,980.

To order, check out Celestina & Co.’s website here (or here) and their Facebook page here.


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