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house versus condo

Three Reasons Why You Should Re-think Buying that Condo Unit

Lists. It seems that the in-thing these days in Google-world is to compile and publish lists. Many sites (this blog included) have resorted to compiling (for your convenience of course) every list conceivable to man.

Real estate has not been spared.

We did tips on buying your first condo unit here last year and I actually found a site purporting to list the top 5 condominium developments in the Philippines. Of late, lists, (most likely sponsored by real estate developers) listing down the merits of buying a condo over a house have also been going around.

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Brittany's Giorgio Model Home

A Tour of Brittany’s Luxury Homes in the South

We were recently invited by Brittany Corporation, Vista Land’s high-end property development subsidiary, to the launching of the Giorgio model home in its 32 hectare Amore project in Alabang.  The Tuscan-inspired Giorgio is the fifth model home currently available for prospective buyers.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Quirky and Interesting Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013

Giving gifts is the best and worst thing about Christmas. Grab the first thing that catches your eye and you will probably end up giving someone a gift which he or she will also receive from at least two other persons. Spend too much time looking for that perfect gift and it’s just not as fun.  Our advice: Give it some thought (but not too much) and since it’s the season where a lot of gifts are exchanged, aim for something unique and personal.

Here’s our list of 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas:

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Dress shoes

Power Dressing: Everything a Man Needs to Know About Dress Shoes

They say the shoes make the man.  Chances are, this is not entirely true.  That said, having nice shoes does help in achieving that perfectly “put together” professional look which we all should be aiming for.

As part of our series on power dressing, here’s our guide to picking, wearing and caring for your office and dress shoes.

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