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Business Success Tips

Three Simple Tips You Must Follow To Succeed In Business

It is true when they say that it takes months, if not years, to build a business and just one unhappy customer to destroy it. Customer satisfaction has been considered one of the strongest factors for business success, especially because it drives sales and promotes brand loyalty. However, not a lot of entrepreneurs realize the impact of keeping customers happy, and end up committing mistakes that slowly bury them in failure.

“Good service is good business,” a Siebel advert once stated. No matter how small your company is, it’s extremely important to find ways to keep your customers happy, as they’re the lifeblood of your business. You don’t need to be a genius to do that. You just have to follow these three simple (but difficult) tips:

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Cognitive Biases

Four Mental Biases You Have That May Hurt Your Career Or Business

In his brilliant book The Art of Thinking Clearly, Swiss author Rolf Dobelli sets out and discusses 99 cognitive biases most of us suffer from, which is probably the most comprehensive listing of cognitive biases ever written for the average layperson. For those who don’t know, cognitive biases are defined as common, but systematic, deviations from standards of rational thinking and good judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics. Simply put, these are mental models most people automatically and unconsciously rely on when making decisions. Decisions we make using these mental models may seem rational and well-thought out, but when studied more extensively, are actually errors in judgment and day-to-day thinking.

In this article, we’re giving you four common mental biases you have to watch out for, and which we think negatively impacts your professional life.

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business debt

Do Not Let Debt Get in the Way of Your Business! Here’s How.

Like love, the word business is often overused yet not a lot of people fully understand what it really means. While others would think that it’s as simple as creating products and selling products, business is actually more than just that. In fact, if you want to be successful in the industry, it’s very important to learn all its quirks to ensure that your venture does not end in failure.

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Five Things You Need To Unlearn Once You Graduate From College

In a month or so, the local job market will once again find itself awash with bright, fresh-faced graduates eager to tackle life after college. Though congratulations are in order, we still feel that it might be a good idea to warn recent graduates that real life is nowhere near the experience you had in college. In preparation for what would undoubtedly be a culture shock for most graduates, we’re giving you five things you need to unlearn from college to become successful in your career.

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