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Opening Le Camping

How To Market Your Start-Up Business On A Budget

This is a guest post from blogger Gilbert Bermudez. Gilbert writes for CashCashPinoy, a Philippine based e-commerce website for discounted goods and services. You can follow his activities on his Google+.

Here are some tips from business and marketing experts on how to create buzz about your start-up business within the city.

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house versus condo

Three Reasons Why You Should Re-think Buying that Condo Unit

Lists. It seems that the in-thing these days in Google-world is to compile and publish lists. Many sites (this blog included) have resorted to compiling (for your convenience of course) every list conceivable to man.

Real estate has not been spared.

We did tips on buying your first condo unit here last year and I actually found a site purporting to list the top 5 condominium developments in the Philippines. Of late, lists, (most likely sponsored by real estate developers) listing down the merits of buying a condo over a house have also been going around.

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Call Center Agent

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Proud To Work In the Call Center Industry

Let’s be honest for a second: for a lot of Filipinos, working in the call center industry carries a bit of stigma, mostly because of these silly ingrained ideas we keep on what “good” jobs are (as opposed to a “bad” one I guess). In fact, a lot of people would say that people become call center agents because they “sold out” (whatever that means) or because they’re “not good enough” to find work in another industry. Let me just say those are stupid misconceptions, and it would be fair to assume that working in this industry is pretty much like working in any other industry, except you take a lot more calls. In any case, in this article, we’re giving you five reasons why you should be proud of working in the Philippines’ booming call center industry and why you shouldn’t listen to the haters.

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Our Economic Growth is Not a Bubble, and How Bubble-Panic Makes Things Worse

This is a reaction to Jesse Colombo’s Forbes article “Here’s Why the Philippines’ Economic Miracle Is Really A Bubble In Disguise” published here.

First things first, to make things clear, our recent economic growth is not a bubble. However, let me nuance this judgment – it is only good for a year. If the economy goes on a different trajectory (say, inflation spikes to double digits or real estate loans double in a year), or goes on with worrying bits of the current trajectory (say, liquidity continues growing at 30% annually), then the judgment will not hold.

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