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Barangay Kapitolyo

How To Make The Philippine Agrarian Reform Program Work

The Philippine economy is comprised of only three major sectors – agriculture, industry and services. Agriculture accounts for a mere 14% of the economy and, in the past 30 years, registered the slowest growth rate. This is a shame since it accounts for a third of the jobs in the economy; thus, the sector is home to the largest number of poor Filipinos because its workers are paid the least.

The failure of agrarian reform deserves much of the blame for the sector’s lack of performance. I would even say that the Philippine agrarian reform program’s inability to properly define the property rights of agricultural land (setting the right limit to land owned, ensuring that the farmer can use the land to access farming implements through loans, etc.) is the main reason why agriculture remains in its languishing state. To quote a study by Professor Alberto Vargas of the University of Wisconsin in 2003, “the Philippines has one of the worst land tenure problems in the developing world” which has led to land conflicts that induced the creation of the Hukbalahap and the New People’s Army as means of redress.

In a world with an ever increasing demand for food, agriculture and its downstream industry, agro-processing, are one of the most viable sources of growth. How then can we make agrarian reform work?

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Five Things You Need To Know About The Philippine Anti-Dummy Law And How It Affects You

You’ve probably heard about it bandied about in a lot of news reports but have no idea what it’s about. For your illumination, and also because this is an important part of doing business in the Philippines, we’re giving you five things you need to know about the Philippine Anti-Dummy Law and how it affects you.

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philippine stock market

Three Ways To Detach Yourself From Philippine Stock Market Volatility

The recent steep and unpredictable price movements of individual companies listed in the Philippine stock market has unnerved and discouraged a lot of Filipinos hoping to invest in stocks. This is a shame considering that, historically, stocks are one of the easiest and most profitable ways to grow your wealth over the long-term. To help ease your mind and hopefully put you on the path to financial freedom, we are giving you three ways to emotionally detach yourself from Philippine stock market volatility.

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Philippine stock market crash

Four Reasons Why The Recent Philippine Stock Market Crash Is No Big Deal

Traditional media is currently bombarding the general populace with doomsday scenarios regarding the recent descent of the Philippine stock market into bear territory. In fact, one newspaper notes that the current decline is the lowest level the stock market has sunk since the 2008 global recession. It’s enough for the average financially-illiterate Filipino to want to hoard basic necessities, crawl into a bomb shelter, and wait for the storm to pass over.

Well, don’t fret. For those of you conjuring images of the Philippine economy crashing and leaving millions of Filipinos homeless and jobless, we’re giving you four reasons why the recent Philippine stock market crash is actually no big deal.

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How to Invest in Stocks Using a BPI Trade Account

 The Philippine economy is unquestionably heading towards stellar growth. Filipinos everywhere are feeling hopeful that there is a brighter future ahead for all of us.  Among other possible options, the stock market is, more and more, becoming a viable investment vehicle for everyone. So that you may also take part in the Philippines’ economic growth, for your convenience, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to invest in the stock market using a BPI Trade Account (which we  use, and which we recommend to everyone for sheer user-friendliness).

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