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Brittany's Giorgio Model Home

A Tour of Brittany’s Luxury Homes in the South

We were recently invited by Brittany Corporation, Vista Land’s high-end property development subsidiary, to the launching of the Giorgio model home in its 32 hectare Amore project in Alabang.  The Tuscan-inspired Giorgio is the fifth model home currently available for prospective buyers.

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Our Economic Growth is Not a Bubble, and How Bubble-Panic Makes Things Worse

This is a reaction to Jesse Colombo’s Forbes article “Here’s Why the Philippines’ Economic Miracle Is Really A Bubble In Disguise” published here.

First things first, to make things clear, our recent economic growth is not a bubble. However, let me nuance this judgment – it is only good for a year. If the economy goes on a different trajectory (say, inflation spikes to double digits or real estate loans double in a year), or goes on with worrying bits of the current trajectory (say, liquidity continues growing at 30% annually), then the judgment will not hold.

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Investing in Stocks 101: How to Use the P/E Ratio to Determine Corporate Viability

This is the first in a series of posts on investing in stocks. In this article, we will be discussing one of the most popular financial ratios used by value investors: the price-to-earnings ratio.

First, a disclaimer. Any advice we give on this blog should be taken as guidelines only, and should not be considered as set-in-stone rules. (Actually, that should be your general mindset on practically all advice given to you.) Please use some discernment in determining whether the advice we’re giving is applicable to the given set of circumstances you’re in, and act accordingly.

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Personal Finance

Five Fantastic Personal Finance Blogs You Should Read

Getting Filipinos to start saving and investing their money for their future is a personal advocacy for us here in The Manila Survival Guide. It’s a little frustrating to see our kababayans, again and again, fall into the trap/cycle of needless spending and inevitable poverty simply because they’re not financially aware, let alone financially literate. To help us help you in our advocacy, we’re giving you five personal finance blogs you should definitely read  to kickstart your journey towards financial independence.

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Philippine Peso

Two Popular Investment Strategies You Should Know To Reduce Market Risk

For most Filipinos, investing in bonds, stocks and other financial instruments seems like a difficult and confusing process. The amount of options out there, as well as the jargon consistently spewed out by those in the industry, doesn’t help and in fact scares most investors away, to their misfortune, because of the sheer difficulty in understanding everything.

Then there’s market volatility and risk, which most people seem unable to stomach. In this regard, and to help guide you through the investment process, we’re giving you two popular, and fairly simple, investment strategies you can implement in order to drastically reduce market risk.

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