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De Lima and Napoles

Four Reasons Why Our Obsession with the Napolist is Pointless

Okay, so everyone’s going crazy over Janet Lim Napoles‘ “Napolist“, which is basically a list of people from the highest echelons of our government who are allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam. The problem though, as we see it, is that our obsession with the Napolist appears to be absolutely pointless. In this article, we’re giving you four reasons why.

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Miriam Enrile

Five Lessons I Learned From Senator Miriam’s Speech

Was it just me, or did Senator Miriam Santiago’s speech also leave you flabbergasted, slightly terrified, and with a horrible, horrible sensation in the pit of your stomach? I didn’t know whether I should have applauded her for doing what she just did, or if I wanted to mourn the death of the honor and integrity the Senate once had, with Miriam’s speech as the eulogy marking that turning point.

(If you haven’t listened to/watched the speech yet, go here. Go here if you’d rather read the transcript.)

In any case, there are lessons to be learned here, and I realize that, notwithstanding the gravity of the situation, this can be a learning experience for all of us.

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Our Economic Growth is Not a Bubble, and How Bubble-Panic Makes Things Worse

This is a reaction to Jesse Colombo’s Forbes article “Here’s Why the Philippines’ Economic Miracle Is Really A Bubble In Disguise” published here.

First things first, to make things clear, our recent economic growth is not a bubble. However, let me nuance this judgment – it is only good for a year. If the economy goes on a different trajectory (say, inflation spikes to double digits or real estate loans double in a year), or goes on with worrying bits of the current trajectory (say, liquidity continues growing at 30% annually), then the judgment will not hold.

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What We Learned from the Aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda

So it seems like literally everyone has an opinion about Typhoon Yolanda: how to cope with its aftermath, what should have been done, what we should be doing, and if we are doing it right. This virtual explosion of perspectives has created a lot of confusion and unnecessary enmity among people who should have been united against this common threat, and this further resulted in expended energy best used elsewhere.

But there are lessons that we, as a nation, need to learn here, and though it would have been better if these lessons were learned before the coming of the typhoon, I think it’s still a good idea to take a step back, gather our thoughts, gain some perspective, and, hopefully, form an opinion backed up by a sincere intention to do good and to do better. To this end, in this article, I’m giving you lessons I’ve learned from the aftermath of the super typhoon half a month after it first made landfall.

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