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Online Shopping

Top Four Online Retail Stores In The Philippines

I’m not an online shopper. I prefer going to an actual store or mall, and seeing for myself the items I want to buy. But I do get the appeal of shopping online: there’s no need to dress up, or travel and brave the traffic, or worry about parking. Basically, the convenience is its biggest come-on, and for those who like the idea of doing their shopping in the comfort of their own homes, online shopping appears to be the way to go. For those people, we’re giving you the top four online retail stores in the Philippines.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Quirky and Interesting Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013

Giving gifts is the best and worst thing about Christmas. Grab the first thing that catches your eye and you will probably end up giving someone a gift which he or she will also receive from at least two other persons. Spend too much time looking for that perfect gift and it’s just not as fun.  Our advice: Give it some thought (but not too much) and since it’s the season where a lot of gifts are exchanged, aim for something unique and personal.

Here’s our list of 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas:

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Snugg 4

The Good and the Bad: The Snugg’s Executive Case Cover for the iPad 4

We recently received an invitation from The Snugg (a US- and UK-based website which sells tech accessories) to review its products.  After we took stock of the many Apple accessories we owned and realized that the iPad 4 seemed the most in need of a new case, we picked The Snugg’s Executive Case Cover in Distressed Brown Leather (also available in Amazon) as the product to review.

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Annoying Status Update

STOP SHOUTING (Or How To Stop Yourself From Being An Annoying Bugger On Social Media)

So, yea, it looks like this Internet / social media thing is going to stay around for a while. It’s probably a good idea then to have a social framework for interaction, just so we don’t murder each other in our sleep out of sheer annoyance / irritation. In this article, we’re giving you five tips you might want to follow to avoid that all-too-often pitfall of being an annoying little bugger online.

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