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Revilla privilege speech

Five Life Lessons You Can Learn from Senator Bong Revilla’s Musical Extravaganza (aka The Privilege Speech to End All Privilege Speeches)

By now, you’ve probably watched Senator Bong Revilla’s cringe-inducing privilege speech, which ended, in what may be the pinnacle of surrealism in Philippine politics, in a musical number, accompanied by a music video, performed by the senator himself. If you haven’t seen it yet, good for you. Here’s a summary:

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De Lima and Napoles

Four Reasons Why Our Obsession with the Napolist is Pointless

Okay, so everyone’s going crazy over Janet Lim Napoles‘ “Napolist“, which is basically a list of people from the highest echelons of our government who are allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam. The problem though, as we see it, is that our obsession with the Napolist appears to be absolutely pointless. In this article, we’re giving you four reasons why.

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