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Our Economic Growth is Not a Bubble, and How Bubble-Panic Makes Things Worse

This is a reaction to Jesse Colombo’s Forbes article “Here’s Why the Philippines’ Economic Miracle Is Really A Bubble In Disguise” published here.

First things first, to make things clear, our recent economic growth is not a bubble. However, let me nuance this judgment – it is only good for a year. If the economy goes on a different trajectory (say, inflation spikes to double digits or real estate loans double in a year), or goes on with worrying bits of the current trajectory (say, liquidity continues growing at 30% annually), then the judgment will not hold.

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Hypocrisy and Charity: the Problem with Giving or Not Giving Alms to Beggars

I’ve heard this before, and maybe you have too: when it comes to charity, I’ve always been told not to give a cent to that kid on the street, or that old man with his gnarled hand out, asking for a peso or five. And while reasons range from “that kid might be working for a syndicate” or “you’re just encouraging them to beg more and not find work”, the most hypocritical of the diatribes I’ve ever had to hear from the mouth of a naysayer is the “teach a man to fish” speech.

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Break up

Five Ways To Get Over A Break-Up

When you’ve just experienced a break-up, your world changes in an instant – the familiar becomes the unfamiliar and all the things and places you used to love so much will suddenly lose their luster.  Break-ups are oftentimes ugly, painful and confusing. Sadly, getting over someone is no better and proves to be an even more painstaking task than the break-up itself.  For those who are looking for ways to deal, here are a few tips that might help hasten the healing process (or at least make it a bit more interesting).

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