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Sona red carpet

The SONA Red Carpet Fashion Show and Media Circus Needs To Stop

We can’t possibly be the only people who think the red carpet fashion show lawmakers put up each year during the President’s State of the Nation Address, and the accompanying media frenzy, is not appropriate and healthy for a young and relatively poor democracy. Seriously, this insanity needs to stop. Here are several reasons why.

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Eight of the Silliest Proposed Laws Our Lawmakers Tried to Pass

You just have to wonder why we Filipinos vote the way we do. If our leaders are representative of us as a people, and our representatives try to pass the silliest, most inane laws, then what does that make of us?

In any case, here are eight of the silliest bills our lawmakers have actually proposed. Read them and weep.

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Abolish Pork Barrel

Why The Pork Barrel System Needs To Be Abolished

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of the growing sentiment among the general populace to Congress’ misuse (to put it mildly) of the Priority Development Assistance Fund, colloquially called the pork barrel, which basically resulted in billions (BILLIONS!) of taxpayers’ money going to private pockets. Janet Lim-Napoles, a “businesswoman” engaged in the “business” of transferring public money to her own bank account, along with a lot of congressmen and senators, has become the public face of this scandal, and kickstarted the growing public outrage.

Enter the Million People March, a social media initiative that aims to let the government know that we have had enough, and that we are tired of corrupt politicians dipping their hands into money that they do not own, and which should have been used to propel national progress and alleviate the plight of our poorer countrymen. It has been likened to the Arab Spring, and rightly so, because the event aims to remind the President of the Republic that, as he always says, “tayo ang boss”.

And this time, his “bosses” are telling him to scrap the pork barrel and admit that it is a failed experiment at decentralizing government expenditure of public funds. This article aims to provide a list of reasons (we came up with five) why the pork barrel should be scrapped, and why you should support the Million People March in any way you can.

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Congress of the Philippines

How A Bill Becomes Law In The Philippines

Ever wondered how a bill becomes law in the Philippines?

First things first, we need to understand what a bill is and the role of Congress in enacting laws.

The Congress of the Philippines is the branch of government tasked with creating laws in the Philippines. It is made up of two Houses: a) the Lower House, or the House of Representatives; and, b) the Upper House, or the Senate.  Its members are the congressmen and senators you voted for.

As part of the law-making process, individual members of Congress propose bills for approval by the majority of Congress.  If the bill gets approved, it will constitute part of the law of the Philippines.  In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide as to how a bill becomes law (or more specifically, a statute) in the Philippines.

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