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Jennifer Laude

Victim-blaming Jennifer Laude For The “Crime” Of Existing As A Trangendered Woman

This article is a guest post from regular contributor Motzie Dapul.

It’s no real surprise to find some of the worst examples of allegedly “human” behavior in the comments sections of Filipino news articles. It seems as though we’ve accepted the reality of bad-grammar internet criminals who are the ultimate examples of internet trolls, people who disregard humane and decent behavior and call it a joke. But as with all things, there will always be a division of opinions, arguments on the internet, dissent among the ranks of commenters everywhere.

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1:43 Boyband

Popular Filipino Boy Band Tackles Transgender Politics with New Single

I honestly don’t know how to feel about 1:43’s new single, Hayop sa Ganda, and mostly because I grew up thinking that straight guys, in general, cannot talk about gay men and transgenders without mockery and derision. But, especially in recent years, this has stopped being true (in music, Macklemore’s Same Love and Gloc-9’s Sirena are particularly poignant counter-examples).

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