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Picasso Boutique Hotel

An Underrated Boutique Hotel in the Middle of Makati

A couple of months ago, I had a really bad attack of gout, which made my right foot swell up like a balloon. Still, I went to work and hoped it would get better in the afternoon. The pain was, at the time, fairly manageable, and I bought a cane for walking, so I figured I could wing it and just hope for the best.

I was wrong.

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Burgos Street

Sketches Of A Year Lived Next To A Red Light District

I was halfway through law school when I had to move from my first studio apartment to a smaller space right next to a red light district in Makati. I moved because when the lease contract on my first apartment ended, the unit owner got smart and demanded 50% more than what I was already paying. I couldn’t afford that, so I moved to a smaller studio in a fairly decent condotel.

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Four Remarkable Restaurants In Rockwell You Need To Try

We’re big fans of the gustatory delights Rockwell’s purveyors have to offer (and there are A LOT). For your consideration, and so you don’t get overwhelmed by the selections, here’s our list of four remarkable restaurants in Rockwell which you have to try and why you need to try them.

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Five Upscale Restaurants In Greenbelt You Should Try

Makati’s Greenbelt Shopping Center can be a little pricey, that’s true, but if you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, the selection of restaurants here can’t be beat. For those willing to shell out top dollar for exquisite cuisine, we’re giving you five upscale restaurants in Greenbelt you should try.

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