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Power Dressing: How To Properly Do Business Casual For Men

As part of our series on power dressing, here’s your everyday guide to doing business casual for men.

In the Philippines, more often than not, offices adopt a business casual dress code for their employees. In this article, we’re giving you guidelines on how to do business casual properly without looking, on the one end, too casual, and on the other, too stuffy and pretentious.

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How To Use Power Dressing To Get Ahead (A Guide For The Young Urban Professional)

I was invited to speak at the recent UP College of Arts and Letters Preparedness Seminar on the idea of “Power Dressing”, and how this can help young graduates looking to enter the workforce. I’m sharing some of my notes on my talk below.

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Dress shoes

Power Dressing: Everything a Man Needs to Know About Dress Shoes

They say the shoes make the man.  Chances are, this is not entirely true.  That said, having nice shoes does help in achieving that perfectly “put together” professional look which we all should be aiming for.

As part of our series on power dressing, here’s our guide to picking, wearing and caring for your office and dress shoes.

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Baume et Mercier Classima

The Naked Wrist: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Watches

This post is part of The Manila Survival Guide’s series on Power Dressing for Professionals. Today, we share our thoughts on picking appropriate watches for the young urban male professional.

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Dressing The Part: A Professional’s Guide To Power Dressing (On Perfumes)

This article is the first in a series of posts on power dressing.  Though we concede that the idea is not new (and  maybe a little outmoded), we aim to update the concept here and make the same meaningful to professionals working in job environments that are increasingly becoming more global and casual.

If you are a young professional with two to three years of work experience under your belt, you have probably given the idea of “power dressing” some serious thought.  As the saying goes, it is the clothes that make the man (or the woman). A few more years into your career and you will soon realize that the clothes do not necessarily “make the man”,  but you will also learn that it does help in cementing that all-too-important good first impression which is critical in one’s very young professional career.

As a young professional, you will often find yourself in situations where you are at the end of the PQE line (PQE – post-qualified experience or, simply number of years in a profession).  Learning how to power dress–that is, learning how to project yourself as an expert–will definitely make your life easier and will be a good addition to your professional arsenal. Simply put, though concededly superficial, the more you look the part, the more likely you will get the part.

Upgrading your “professional look” will take some time and, of course, a significant portion of the monthly pay check.  You should think of it as an investment in your career.  In any case, that boost that you get when you actually feel good about the way you present yourself can be priceless.

In upgrading your “professional look”, we suggest that you, young professional with a limited reasonable budget for clothing and other work related accessories, go the “slowly but surely” route.  Start with little upgrades and find out what works (or does not work) within your own professional environment.  Remember: the underlying principle in choosing the items that go into your “professional look” should be simplicity, attention to detail, and their capacity to make you look like you know what you are doing.

Today, we share our thoughts on picking the right scent for your daily office grind.

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