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Five Lessons I Learned From Senator Miriam’s Speech

Was it just me, or did Senator Miriam Santiago’s speech also leave you flabbergasted, slightly terrified, and with a horrible, horrible sensation in the pit of your stomach? I didn’t know whether I should have applauded her for doing what she just did, or if I wanted to mourn the death of the honor and integrity the Senate once had, with Miriam’s speech as the eulogy marking that turning point.

(If you haven’t listened to/watched the speech yet, go here. Go here if you’d rather read the transcript.)

In any case, there are lessons to be learned here, and I realize that, notwithstanding the gravity of the situation, this can be a learning experience for all of us.

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Top Five Most Outrageous Things Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Said About Senators

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a formidable woman: current member of the Senate of the Philippines and judge-elect of the International Criminal Court, former presidential candidate, former Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and former head of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation. She has been described as feisty and flamboyant by friends, and crazy (“sira ulo“) by her enemies. Here’s a quick look at the top five most outrageous things Senator Santiago has said in public about or to her fellow senators, and see for yourself the polarizing personality of a woman that attracts so much respect and hatred from the public at the same time.

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